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The International Ship & Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code is made statutory within the UK by amendments to The Aviation and Maritime Security Act 1990 (AMSA) and the European regulations by SI 2004 No. 1495, SI 2005 No. 1434 and now SI 2009 No. 2045 Merchant Shipping Maritime Security; The Port Security Regulations 2009.

PFSO Course 2017/18

Due to the nature of the courses being interactive, we require a minimum of three participants to allow the course to develop full potential for the attendees. Whilst the course is designed for designated PFSO's, we are able to obtain dispensation to allow Deputy PFSO's gain by attending and allow us to train "the team" as one.

The Act states that every applicable port must have a certified Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO). MAROPS is accredited by the UK DfT Transport Security (formerly TRANSEC) to provide PFSO courses for the maritime industry. The comprehensive 3 day course provides not only the basic skills required for award of the PFSO Certificate, but also gives a valuable insight into the wider global issues of security and its implications for the PFSO.

As a consequence, group interaction and discussion is promoted throughout the 3 days using practical applications to enhance the value of the course.

The course will enable Security Officers to be able to undertake the duties and responsibilities of the PFSO as defined in section A/17.2 of the ISPS Code which include:

Conducting any initial comprehensive security survey of the port facility taking into account the relevant Port Facility Security Assessment.

Implementing and exercising the Port Facility Security Plan.

Undertaking regular security inspections of the port facility to ensure the continuation of appropriate security measures.

Enhancing security awareness and vigilance of the port facility personnel.

Ensuring adequate training has been provided to personnel responsible for the security of the port facility.

Reporting to the relevant authorities and maintaining records of occurrences that threaten the security of the port facility.

Ensuring that security equipment is properly operated, tested, calibrated and maintained.

Assisting Ship Security Officers in confirming the identity of those seeking to board the ship when requested.

It must be emphasized that no one is being trained to fight or similarly respond to security threats, but rather that trainees should be able to identify, deter, or mitigate such actions through proper planning, preparation, and coordination with various entities.


Course Dates and Cost

Dates for PFSO Courses 2017/2018

PFSO 17/02: Tues 14 Thur 16 MAR 17
PFSO 17/03: Tues 25 - Thur 27 APR 17
PFSO 17/04: Tues 13 - Thur 15 JUN 17
PFSO 17/05: Tues 18 - Thur 20 JUL 17
PFSO 17/06: Tues 19 - Thur 21 SEP 17
PFSO 17/07: Tues 17 - Thur 19 OCT 17
PFSO 17/08: Tues 14 - Thur 16 NOV 17
PFSO 18/01: Tues 16 - Thur 18 JAN 18
PFSO 18/02: Tues 20 - Thur 22 FEB 18
PFSO 18/03: Tues 13 - Thur 15 MAR 18
PFSO 17/02: Tues 10 - Thur 12 APR 18

Cost: £1,750 plus VAT (at the current rate) Per Person

The fee for the course includes all stationery, handouts, refreshments & lunch. A course dinner at a local restaurant is also included on the Wednesday evening.

Accommodation in the local area is readily available and reasonably priced; ranging from hotels to bed and breakfast establishments. A list of accommodation found suitable by previous students will be provided to confirmed candidates. Please complete the MAROPS booking form and post with your cheque at least one month before the intended course to allow sufficient notice of the course to be made to the authorities:

SSO and CSO Courses

Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) approved courses for the Ship’s Security Officer and Company Security Officer are available. It is intended to run these courses as and when clients require.

ISPS Acquaint

An additional course is the ISPS Acquaint that will provide the background and issues with regard to the Code and its implementation appropriate for Senior Management.

Course Dates and Cost

Dates for IA Courses 2017

Please contact us for bespoke course requirements

Cost: TBC

The fee for the course includes all stationery, handouts, refreshments & lunch.


MAROPS is able to provide security courses for the international shipping community and will seek accreditation from the respective national authority or country of registry. Please contact MAROPS to discuss your requirements: